Am I The Only One Who…

It’s been a long, long time. But here we go with the new season and what seems to be the same old stories.

Am I the only one who…

Thinks the old slogan “I Like Our Guys” isn’t really a compliment to the fans anymore? As positive as you want to be, it’s hard to jump on the I Like Our Guys train when a few of our guys are really stinking it up? It’s hard to imagine that there is any other reason besides the massive contract he’s under to think as the reason for Chris Davis still being in the lineup everyday. It’s not his talent, for sure. The guy is getting paid a ton of money to do the same thing the fans do- watch pitches. He just has a much better seat.

Believes Adam Jones will stay in Baltimore when his contract is up at the end of the year? The guy is a proven team leader and spokesperson, and has recently stated that he wants to play for a team that is trying to win. He noted that the focus on the starting rotation by adding Andrew Cashner and Alex Cobb was a positive thing. Jones has made a home in Baltimore during the baseball season. He’s a fan favorite who puts just as much effort giving back to the community as he does playing the game he loves. He’s not afraid to be critical of the front office, but I don’t think that plays against him. I also don’t believe he’ll have a lot of interest on the free agency market.

Also believes Adam Jones should be moved to right field? If the Orioles’ front office and Buck Showalter had the wherewithal to remove Davis from the everyday lineup, it leaves the team open to bringing up Austin Hays and placing him firmly in center field. Jones, who is no longer the speedster he once was, can fill the gap in right field and Trey Mancini can make a move to first base. What is more baseball-esque than watching young players like Hays, Sisco, and Mancini all not just play at the big league level but contribute to a team that, when firing on all cylinders, could be a sleeper for a Wild Card spot?

Thinks hot dogs are just a vessel for sauerkraut? A friend of mine (he’s a Blue Jays fan but don’t hold it over him) made this reference and I liked it. Also, it’s true.

Thinks Tim Beckham’s arm looks weak at 3rd base? He’s got a lollipop throw when he’s got to go the full length across the diamond. It has more arch than St. Louis. Manny’s real defensive value shines through when you watch Beckham make plays a little less gracefully than Machado used to. Does it really increase Machado’s potential value on the market by him playing shortstop? I’m not buying it.

Thinks Mancini is having some real bad luck in the early going? Of all the games I’ve gotten to see, it seems like the night wouldn’t be complete if Mancini wasn’t robbed of a basehit or even a homerun. It’s a good sign though; That kind of bad juju won’t last all year.

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